Jefferson Emergency Rescue District's Board of Director's


Judy Maloney

Jefferson Village Representative

Judy Maloney grew up in Jefferson, graduating from Jefferson High School and attended Kent State University Ashtabula campus.
For the past 18 years Judy has served the village residents of Jefferson, for 6 years as Village Council member, and the past 12 years as Mayor. In 2004, Judy joined the Ambulance board, and was nominated Chairman of the board in 2006, a role in which she continues to serve today.
Outside of Jefferson Rescue and her Mayoral duties, Judy is a state certified driving instructor, and operates the Classic Driving School in Jefferson.
Judy is very proud of our Paramedics, EMT's and the services they provide to the Jefferson Emergency Rescue District, and is proud to be associated with the District.

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John Boczar

Jefferson Township  Representative

John Boczar was born and raised here in Jefferson, and is a graduate of Jefferson High School.
Currently serving as a Jefferson Township Trustee, John is the current board representative from the Township. John was first elected as Jefferson Township Trustee in 2009 and joined the Ambulance Board that same year. He has remained in those roles since.
Outside of his position as Township Trustee and his role on our board, John is a general contractor and works in real estate sales.
John also enjoys classic car shows and vacationing.